Save money without altering your lifestyle!

9Who would not like to save some money and make the most of their salary? What would it be like if you could save a large part of your salary without actually compromising on your lifestyle? A lot of us spend the major part of our incomes on groceries, household appliances and health and fitness products including spa and salon treatments while the rest is mostly spent on house rent and utility bills. What is left of our income (if any) is used for partying, movies or other recreational activities. Imagine then, if we could still save up sufficient cash? Read on to find out how!

First, it’s important to analyze what you’re spending on. Different people have different spending habits. Write everything down and see what you can make cuts on. Maybe you can do away with that extra cup of coffee you’ve been having after lunchtime every day. That way, you’re saving money while improving your health. You access the internet in the office anyway so why not read an e-newspaper instead of getting one delivered at home each day? This way you’ll help save the environment by reducing paper usage. Also, you’ll save the money that you spend on delivery and newspaper costs.

A lot of companies that want to cut down on their marketing costs give out free samples of buy online kids casual dresses products for testing. It helps them in advertising their product without really investing in marketing, thereby cutting down costs by a huge margin. If you look up sites that have such free samples to give out, you will get a long list. A lot of companies give out shampoo, shaving gel, detergent samples and the like. Remember, availing of these product samples will help you save time and money while reducing the garbage problem by buying what’s on the market. Moreover, if it is a new product you’ll get to test it and see whether it really is worth the buck. A lot of stores also stock free samples of new products and you can also ask for a test sample. Many electronic shops also have a trial period for electronic products. If you’re a gadget freak, you will already have your eyes open for the launching date of a gadget. Just be on the lookout for a free trial session offered by someone. If there is a software product that you want to use only for that particular time, downloading a demo version of it is far more lucrative than buying it off the site.

A body massage after a long day’s work can send you to cloud nine. What if you could get it for free? There isn’t even a phrase for that level of joy yet! The next time you’re exhausted and want a massage, go to the nearest electronic showroom. They usually have body massage chairs that provide you with such a massage that they can give massage parlors a run for their money any day. Moreover, you can always try it before you buy it so take advantage of the trial and relax your nerves!

Salon visits are a must for women but the cost of beauty treatments is on the rise every day. No woman would like to compromise on taking care of her body and men too like to be well groomed and look presentable. To save money on looking good, you should look out for beauty academies that train people who aspire to be beauticians. These big academies are always looking for subjects for their training and examinations. As a result, there are always free haircuts, hair coloring offers, facial treatments, hair spas and everything that you would like to pamper yourself with. Both men and women can avail of these offers which are really worthwhile considering they are free and undertaken by academies with a reputation they wouldn’t want to spoil.

Other than subscribing to sites that offer freebies, you can also subscribe to those that give you good deals and discounts on a daily basis. A lot of such sites have come up now and you need only to look them up. These sites have a great variety of discount deals in every city on household products, electronic appliances, books, spa and salon treatments, hobby classes (dance, art, music), food, beverages, hospitality services and more. Basically, just about everything under the sun!

Join a library instead of buying books every time. If you want to save up on library costs too, start a book club up yourself with a few other readers that you know of. You can keep reading, discussing and exchanging books with them. You can do the same with movie CDs too. For almost any product, keep an eye out for end-of-season sales and if you want to buy a good pair of denims for yourself, for instance, such sales are the best times to get them. They have a lot of offers going on like “Buy 1 and Get 1 free” where you can team up with your friend who wants to buy a pair too and then split the money you spent on one into half. Used stuff is not necessarily damaged as the general assumption is. A second hand car may be in very good condition and you may get it for less than half its original price. A car loses its value after 2 years from the time it is brand new. Why not buy a car after 2 years of its launch then? The purpose is only to get you to where you want to go, right? The best way, of course, is to use public transport or cycle to your destination which cuts down pollution but if you really need a car, why not opt for something that will help you save money and cut down the number of cars on the road? Another place to buy used stuff is at garage sales. You get almost everything from antiques, clothes and crockery to books, television sets and even furniture!

So, the next time you stumble on a site that’s offering freebies or you hear of a garage sale around the block or a sale that can get you your favorite music CD collection for a steal, grab the opportunity! Just make sure you’re not overdoing things. Going to that electronic showroom EVERYDAY to get a body massage on their massage chair can make them want to throw you out at the mere sight of you! Asking for free samples of the same product at a store every time can make them think you’re stingy and tag you as a miser. So be sensible enough while making use of such offers and you’ll end up saving a great deal !!