Why Women Like Shopping Online More Than Men Do?

221We all know women shopping online habits on the other hand men are not really fond of shopping. In one of the surveys on British people it was seen that men spent maximum 26 minutes on shopping while women can spend hours in shopping. It was also noticed that most of the men don’t like to go for the shopping with their wives. The reason they become frustrated when women take long time in making any decision. In fact, in ancient time the theory of women was the same.

There was a time when human used to live as hunter gatherers. In fact, they only used to spend 10-20 hours in the search of food. Also at that time women used to spend maximum time in gathering food and 80-90% food was gathered by women only. In addition, most of the food was vegetarian which apparently was healthier than any other food.

The human started to begin farming in around 8000BC. But the hunting habits of human still existed and these are instinctive to everyone. We can relate women shopping practice to their previous practice of gathering food from tree to tree looking for nutritious food. Also, they used to examine each and every aspect of the food which resulted into lots of healthy food in the family.  In the same way we can say men’s shopping convention is related to their hunting habits. In early days, men used to have a mind set to kill the animal and go back to home that is the reason why they do not spend so much time in browsing the stuff. They think examining each and every thing would be a waste of time. Moreover, the fact that the insects will eat the animal if it will be left for long duration made their behavior more restless.

From the above characteristics of men and women since ancient time it can say be said that even today behavior of both is influenced by some of these things.  All men are always in a hurry when it comes to buy new things as in early days they used to hunt what they want and go back home. However, women have different perspective when it comes to buy anything new. They like to browse all the things and resultant spend extended hours in the shopping. And now with the advent of online shopping women have the liberty to stay back at home and browse through online stores to find the exact product that too at best price or at a better deal without disturbing others. However, it’s not true in 100% cases as some women also like to keep their shopping short and simple. So it can be said that the habits which were inculcated in women since ancient days can clearly be seen when women shop online.